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Sample Case Study 1

Sample Case Study 1

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Successful Case Results

Successful Case Results Content

Experience the Benefits of Choosing Hartley Family Law

To make the most of your consultation, we offer you the opportunity to provide us with your background information online. Our system will provide you with tailored information to help you prepare for our consultation. It will also collect all the details we need to get straight to discussing your advice, options and strategy when we meet.

Client focus & commitment

We strive for excellence in our service and seek to constantly exceed our client expectations.


Ethics without compromise

Our role is to secure the best result possible for our client on the basis of the facts and the applicable law.

Recruit and retain the best

We aim to attract the best talented prospective employees to our firm and to retain and develop our talented staff.

Give back to the community

As a business we create jobs and provide services but in addition we believe it is important that we give back.

Proactive never reactive

Our proactive approach is to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

Continuously grow & improve

We have a commitment to grow the business and to assist in the growth and development of our individual staff.
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Our Client Success Stories

“Thank you for all you have done to help me.  You are kind and do your work very well.  I have also been impressed by the kind and capable supporting staff within Hartley Family Law, they are lovely people.”


“Thanks immensely for your thorough advice for my case. You are amazing….👍👍 Thanks team. I could never thank you enough for all your supportive help through my hard times.  I appreciate it a lot.”  


“Thank you for finalising this.  It is a good result considering who we are dealing with.  Thank you and Brett for assisting me with your professionalism and advice over the last 18 months. Thank you.”  



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