BFA – Pre-Nuptial Agreements

It is extremely important, especially in second relationships, to protect your assets that you bring into that relationship from any claim by the other party in the event of a future separation.

We are experts

BFA’s are not stock standard documents. This is why some lawyers do not offer them as a service. At HFL we have the technical experience to protect your wealth and advise on the best way in doing so.

We are specialised

At HFL we only do family law and BFA’s are a big part of our specialisation. Our knowledge in family law is second to none and you can be assured your BFA will be well drafted and well prepared.

We are trusted

We trust in our knowledge and processes and our clients do too. Our experience in drafting BFA’s will help make it a stress-free process for you, while trusting that your wealth, no matter how vast or modest, is protected in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Prenuptial Agreements & BFA’s

This is particularly so where both parties may have children from previous relationships and wish to protect their wealth and preserve it for those children.

HFL are experts at drafting Binding Financial Agreements and protecting your assets from any future claim.  These agreements are not straightforward and if you want a very simple and very cheap agreement, then we are not the firm to act for you.


We have very specific and detailed due diligent requirements that we work with our clients on before then drafting the proposed agreement.  Proper planning, collation of relevant information, documents and facts, together with technically skilled drafting is what is required to provide you with the best possible chance in protecting your assets in the future, should there be a separation.

Binding Financial Agreements can be entered into before or after defacto relationships and before or after marriage.

If you need a Binding Financial Agreement, please contact the HFL team now.

Binding Financial Agreement Fact Sheets

Finalising and Recording Financial Arrangements

Pre-nuptial and Binding Financial Agreements

Finalising and Recording Financial Arrangements

Our process

1. Book your consultation

The consultation allows us to get an understanding of your circumstances in order to provide options and possible next steps.

2. Tailor a plan

We don’t provide a cookie cutter solution. Each plan starts with the end result in mind and is created specifically for your unique requirements.

3. Resolve your case

Our goal is to get the ideal outcome without going to court and in the shortest possible time with least possible cost. As we only do Family law, we are the best at what we do.

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