Accredited Family Law Specialist


Brett Hartley is an accredited specialist in family law which means he is widely regarded by his peers as an expert. He also has a commerce degree to complement his law degree and so fully understands the workings of business.

Clients benefit from his specialist knowledge of complex family property disputes during relationship breakdowns. 

In his career as a family lawyer, Brett has acted for clients with a combined net worth of over ten billion dollars.  Examples of his successful outcomes with large family law disputes include the protection of the following assets:

  • A large rural enterprise in southeast Queensland worth over $100M
  • A business involving shopping centres, retail outlets, accommodation and tourist based enterprises worth over $400M
  • An international dispute involving substantial property and business interests in Hong Kong and Dubai worth over $200M
  • Australian manufacturing business located throughout Europe and the United States – worth in excess of $400M;
  • Representing founders and major shareholders of public companies involved in the health sector and the food sector, worth over $100M
  • Acting in matters in the Aviation industry worth over $100M
  • Representing many restaurant owners, retail stores and franchise businesses.

His expertise has assisted clients to maintain and indeed grow their business, despite a relationship breakdown.

Brett is particularly known for his technical skills in relation to high net worth financial matters and is regularly requested to present to other law firms, accountancy practices and financial services firms in relation to matters concerning property disputes.

Our team’s speciality family law areas

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