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Struggling to Find a Family Lawyer in Brisbane That Truly Cares For Your Outcome?

At Hartley Family Law, our team of experienced family lawyers in Brisbane are dedicated to providing personalised, compassionate legal representation to clients navigating the often complex and emotionally charged landscape of family law matters.

Thank you for your patience and guidance over the past few years. Thank you for fighting for us, and for getting us the best outcome I could have ever hoped for.

At HFL we are a team of technical and talented family law specialists who educate and guide our clients
Our speciality is family law, however our highly skilled lawyers are also knowledgeable in other areas of law
With the head of our team having over 35 years of family law experience, our clients know that they are in trusted hands.
At HFL we are a team of technical and talented family law specialists who educate and guide our clients
Our speciality is family law, however our highly skilled lawyers are also knowledgeable in other areas of law

With the head of our team having over 35 years of family law experience, our clients know that with the expertise of our Brisbane family law firm they are in trusted hands.

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Navigating the Complexities of Divorce, Custody or Family Law Matters?

It’s normal to have many questions and concerns about family law matters and how it will impact your life and the lives of your loved ones.

“Thinking about divorce or child custody can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. It’s normal to have many questions and concerns about the process and how it will impact your life and the lives of your loved ones. You may be wondering how your financial situation will be affected, how the custody arrangements will be determined, and how to make sure your rights as a parent are protected.

Team work and passion

Superior technical expertise

Preparation, planning and attention to detail

Client focus & commitment


Compassionate Personalised Legal Guidance For Families

The family law process can be complicated and difficult to navigate, and finding the right lawyer who truly cares about your case can seem like a daunting task. Whether it’s a divorce, child custody battle, or any other family-related legal matter, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone.

Family & Divorce Law Specialists

Avoid Jeopardising Your Legal Case by Choosing the Right Representation

Poorly qualified or inexperienced family lawyers may not have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively advocate for your interests, negotiate on your behalf, or navigate the legal system. This can put you at a disadvantage in your case and potentially lead to less favourable outcomes.

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Explore What Hartley Family Law Can Do For Your Family

Hartley Family Law is an innovative boutique family law specialist firm. Brett established Hartley Family Law from a desire to do family law differently and to have a passionate culture directed at winning and obtaining the best possible outcomes for clients.

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Brett believes that a specialist family law firm cannot deliver unless it has highly skilled technical lawyers at the core of its day-to-day functioning. Family law services can be very complex, and it can touch upon many other areas of law. Highly skilled and experienced family lawyers should have enough knowledge when it comes to these other areas of law, together with superior technical knowledge of family law matter, so they can provide the best all-round service for clients.

Going through a separation can be especially tough when there are children involved. As family lawyers in Brisbane, we understand how essential it is to prioritise your child’s well-being during what is likely to be a tough time. With our extensive experience helping families navigate child custody, we work hard to ensure a fair and appropriate arrangement is reached. Our family law solicitors take the time to listen to you and your child because your voices must be heard. With our independent legal advice, you can feel confident navigating this transition, which we’ll make as stress-free as possible.

Our experienced Brisbane family lawyers work with separating couples to fairly divide assets and liabilities. We know the intricacies of property settlement in Australia, which enables us to provide the right advice and guidance to our family law clients. With an accredited family law specialist who is an expert in property settlement entitlements, your complex legal issues will be in good hands, enabling us to make informed choices to advocate for a fair resolution.

Parenting disputes can be emotionally challenging and legally complex. At Hartley Family Law, we understand the sensitive nature of these matters and offer compassionate yet strategic guidance. Our experienced family lawyers specialise in custody, visitation, and parental rights. We prioritise your child’s best interests at our Brisbane law firm, with a focus on communication and mediation. Our intention is to resolve disputes amicably while also being prepared to advocate vigorously in court when necessary.

As family lawyers, we specialise in creating a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA), known more commonly as a Pre-Nup. We understand that discussing finances before marriage can be personal. As family lawyers, Brisbane families can rely on us to tailor our advice to their unique situation and ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process. Our team delivers a detailed Pre-Nup to protect their needs should things not work out, and they need the experience of divorce lawyers.

Family disputes can be tough, but our family lawyers in Brisbane are always here to help. We understand the emotional rollercoaster of property settlements, child custody, and spousal support. Our family law services are tailored specifically to your situation and priorities. Through clear communication and working together, we will find a fair solution, whether through negotiation, mediation, or even family court if needed.

International family law matters can feel overwhelming. Different legal systems, cultural nuances, and jurisdictional hurdles add complexity to an already emotional situation. As family law solicitors, we understand this and combine our legal expertise with sensitivity throughout the process. Our extensive experience with the Family Law Act and international law allows us to navigate complex situations with expertise and compassion.

Brisbane’s Family & Divorce Law Specialists

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Experience the Benefits of Choosing Hartley Family Law

Our Mission is to be proactive in resolving our clients’ matters quickly and cost effectively to minimise emotional and financial stress so they can move on with their lives. We encourage mediation, not litigation.

Client focus & commitment

We strive for excellence in our service and seek to constantly exceed our client expectations.

Ethics without compromise

Our role is to secure the best result possible for our client on the basis of the facts and the applicable law.

Recruit and retain the best

We aim to attract the best talented prospective employees to our firm and to retain and develop our talented staff.

Give back to the community

As a business we create jobs and provide services but in addition we believe it is important that we give back.

Proactive never reactive

Our proactive approach is to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

Continuously grow & improve

We have a commitment to grow the business and to assist in the growth and development of our individual staff.
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Our Team

The Hartley Family Law team are Accredited Specialists in Family Law. We only recruit the best in their field so you can get the best and most relevant advice for your situation. Get to know them here.
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Brett Hartley

Accredited Family Law Specialist Director
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The cost of an accredited family law specialist varies depending on your unique situation – parenting arrangements, child support, complex property matters, spouse maintenance, and more. We recommend making an appointment with one of our family lawyers in Brisbane so we can give you an accurate cost point.

Family lawyers specialise in legal issues related to families. This can include a variety of matters, like:

  • Divorce and Separation: Dividing assets, parenting arrangements, spousal support, and navigating the legal separation process.
  • Child Custody and Support: Determining child living arrangements, visitation schedules, and child support payments.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: Creating binding financial agreements that outline monetary arrangements before or after marriage.
  • Domestic Violence: Obtaining restraining orders and navigating legal issues related to domestic abuse.

Being “conflicted out” means a lawyer or judge is disqualified from working on a case due to a conflict of interest. This happens when representing one party in the case could unfairly disadvantage the other, which means you need an alternative family law team. Here are some reasons why family lawyers might be conflicted out:

  • Prior Representation: If the lawyer previously represented the opposing party in a related matter, they would have confidential information that could be used against the current client.
  • Personal Relationship: If a family lawyer has a personal relationship with persons involved in the case, it could affect their judgement or create an appearance of bias.
  • Financial Interest: If the lawyer has a financial stake in the outcome of the case, they would be unable to represent either party fairly.

Being conflicted out can be frustrating for both the lawyer and the client, but it’s an ethical principle that ensures fairness in the legal system.

The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) applies not only to Queensland but to all Australian states and territories. The Act provides a clear path for federal courts to handle important family matters like divorce, child custody, dividing assets, and financial support after separation.

While QLD may have its own family law courts, they apply the principles and provisions established in the National Family Law Act.

Family courts hear a variety of disputes related to family breakdown. Here are some of the most common:

  • Divorce: Dissolution of marriage and legal separation of spouses.
  • Child Custody and Support: Determining where children will live (residential arrangements), visitation schedules, parenting plans, and child support payments.
  • Property Settlements: Dividing marital assets and debts fairly between spouses upon separation.
  • Spousal Maintenance: Financial support provided by one spouse to the other after separation.
  • Parental Responsibility: Determining decision-making authority regarding children’s upbringing, education, and healthcare.
  • Domestic Violence: Issuing restraining orders and addressing legal issues related to domestic abuse.
  • Paternity/Maternity Orders: Establishing legal parenthood for a child.
  • Grandparent Rights: Obtaining visitation rights or custody arrangements for grandparents.

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