Parenting and Child Disputes

Parenting disputes are extremely difficult and emotional.

We are experts

Parenting matters are not black and white and involve many alternative approaches. At HFL we have the experience to help you stay out of protracted and often nasty litigation in the Court system.

We are specialised

We educate you early and point you towards negotiating the best outcome for your children in a child focused manner.

We are trusted

Your children are your most valuable asset and at HFL you can trust that the advice you are given takes that seriously. Our focus is on obtaining the best outcome for you and your children.


At HFL, we understand this and believe that parenting disputes need to be settled out of Court with the expertise of social workers, counsellors and psychologists involved in trying to reach the best settlement for your children.  

We know the best experts and work with the best experts and as a parent, you also need to understand fully your legal rights and responsibilities from an early stage.  

In parenting matters, we seek to educate you early about your children’s rights and your responsibilities and at the same time, we are focused on obtaining the best possible outcome for you. 

Parenting is not black and white and there are many different alternative approaches and positions that can be taken dependent upon the various differing circumstances. 

In parenting cases, not only are the technical skills and knowledge of your lawyer important, but also, there experience in such matters.   

At HFL, we educate you early, give you clear advices and options and look to obtain the best possible result for you without Court intervention.  

In the very limited cases where Court intervention is necessary, we have the expertise and do not hesitate to file Court proceedings where necessary to protect your relationship with your children and/or to protect your children from harm or danger.  

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Our process

1. Book your consultation

The consultation allows us to get an understanding of your circumstances in order to provide options and possible next steps.

2. Tailor a plan

We don’t provide a cookie cutter solution. Each plan starts with the end result in mind and is created specifically for your unique requirements.

3. Resolve your case

Our goal is to get the ideal outcome without going to court and in the shortest possible time with least possible cost. As we only do Family law, we are the best at what we do.

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