General Manager

The longest serving administration member of our team, Shantel has worked exclusively in family law since 2006, alongside Managing Director, Brett Hartley.

As the firm’s General Manager, she is naturally self-motivated and driven to achieve and perform. Shantel has an instinctive ability to draw on the individual strengths of both professional and non-professional staff and this has resulted in her successfully building the Hartley Family Law team and achieving not only a successful and results driven environment, but also a happy and stable working environment that employees enjoy being a part of. 

Shantel prides herself in supporting her team and by showing great leadership whilst doing so.  Her ability to manage the firm, but also to make herself available to help in any area that is needed on any given day, whether that be by answering client calls or overflow typing, shows her belief that to manage a team successfully, is to first lead by example.    Shantel is passionate in ensuring her team knows they are supported and assisted and that they can trust in receiving the highest level of discretion and care.

The operations and management of Hartley Family Law is Shantel’s main responsibility.  This responsibility is vast in that she plays an integral role in each aspect of the firm, from business development, human resources, finance management and IT support. 

Shantel is committed to constantly improving the Hartley Family Law experience for the firm’s clients, as well as its employees.  She provides not only the processes, but support and solutions to those processes. 

A relentless hard worker, who also balances her hectic family life with two young children, Shantel is dedicated to supporting Hartley Family Law’s growth and direction by providing key strategic management and innovation initiatives. Her value to the firm and its Director is unmeasurable in maintaining the high standards in being leaders in our field.  

Outside of work, Shantel enjoys raising her daughters with her husband and is an avid traveller, as well as a camping guru.  Shantel’s young family has recently added a new four-legged addition named Stella. 

Our team’s speciality family law areas

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