Violet is a lawyer at Hartley Family Law and has been working in family law since 2016, starting her career as a lawyer in government, before taking a position as a Legal Associate in the Appeal Division of the then Family Court of Australia. This led her to take the role of Legal Case Manager in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Lighthouse Project, which specialises in family violence and other high-risk matters. These positions have provided her with helpful and valuable litigation experience as well as a thorough understanding of court processes.

Violet’s approach is empathetic and sincere, and she enjoys the one-on-one interaction with her clients. Her experience and knowledge place her in good stead to assist clients with their legal issues and ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Qualifications and memberships:

  • Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts Degree – University of Tasmania
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice – University of Tasmania
  • Admitted as a legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of Tasmania
  • Admitted as a legal practitioner in the High Court of Australia
  • Member – Queensland Law Society

Our team’s speciality family law areas

Can I add back money my ex-partner has spent into our property pool?

15 February 2022, By Niki Schomberg of Hartley Family Law     When reviewing transactions in your ex-partner’s bank statements, it can be a tough pill to swallow seeing them spend significant funds on luxury holidays, fine dining and designer clothes, particularly …

Everything you need to know about filing for a Divorce in Australia

Written by Emily Woodhouse , 23 February 2023 There is only one ground for divorce in Australia; that your marriage has broken down irretrievably. Unlike many jurisdictions overseas, it is not necessary to prove adultery, insanity, desertion or any other ground. …

Can I Keep the Family Home after Divorce/Separation?

Written by Brett Hartley, 4 April 2023 This is a question we are most asked on a day-to-day basis from our clients and which we try to help them understand at an early stage the possibility and risks associated with keeping …

Valuations in Family Law during an Economic Downturn

Written by Brett Hartley, 6 April 2023 In a typical family law matter, we need to obtain valuations.  The main valuations we need to obtain are those of real estate property and in some cases, shares and business valuations. Single expert …

Family Law Mediation and How We Maximise Our Clients’ Prospects of Settling

Written by Brett Hartley, 6 September 2022 A family law mediation in Queensland is certainly not a typical collaborative type mediation (in most cases where parties sit in a room together and collaborate on best outcomes for each other).  Rather, especially …

The Uniqueness of Tax in Family Law Property Settlements – Some things you may not have known

Written by Brett Hartley, 6 September 2022 Tax is a complex subject and I do not profess to be an expert to tax or any form of revenue law.  However, in everyday family law property settlements, the incident of tax often …

What to expect at your family law mediation

Mediation is a commonly used alternative dispute resolution process to resolve parenting and financial proceedings out of court and avoid the time, cost and stress associated with proceedings. As we often represent clients at mediations, we have set out below some …

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