Five Minutes With Brisbane Family Lawyer Brett Hartley

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Leading Brisbane Family Lawyer Brett Hartley was interview by Jenna Rathbone of Brisbane Legal, they sat down together for ‘Five Minutes With … ‘

It is Brett Hartley’s passion for helping people achieve fair outcomes and giving them the opportunity to move on with their life that has seen him spend 26 years in family law.

His firm, Hartley Healy (previously Hartley Family Law Specialists) was one of the first Brisbane law firms to exclusively practice in family law and has expanded its practice to 10 family law solicitors, five of which are Accredited Specialist in Family Law.

Hartley says his approach to family law is a dedication to settling family matters out of court and advocates for the use of mediation on matters to limit emotional and financial stress.

You can read the full interview with Brett on the Brisbane Legal Website.

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