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A recent article outlined a system trialled in Finland whereby an expert-mediated conciliation method for children had proved very successful. It was reported that about 70% of all disputes were directed to this conciliatory mediated path and about 70% of those achieved successful compromises. Lawyers were involved with the parents and the trained meditator and counsellor.

It is pleasing that Australia is well ahead of other systems in the world in that we do have a compulsory mediation process to go through before parents can file in the Family Court for Parenting Orders.
All parents need to consider resolving any disputes about their children by using the expertise of child mediators and child counsellors. This can take place in a confidential and discreet fashion and encourage ongoing communication and respect between the parents.

There are many child-related disputes every day that are resolved around Australia through this method and through the appropriate involvement of lawyers, mediators and counsellors working for resolutions outside of the court system.

The use of the court system in determining Orders about children should be the last resort used by parents. It is necessary for some circumstances but you should do everything possible as a parent to avoid going to Court and use the expertise available through mediators, counsellors and child-trained lawyers to assist in resolving your dispute with your ex-partner about the children.

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