In the U.S at the moment, insurance giant MetLife may have to part way with their “snoopy” branding. Snoopy has had a long association with that company. Who hasn’t seen the large MetLife blimps flying above major sporting events with Snoopy’s larger than life image?

Parting with a well-loved pooch often adds to the emotional turmoil of separation between couples. Sometimes, there are clear lines in relationships about who is the dog lover and who the dog will go with after the separation.

However, in some cases there is a strong emotional attachment by both parties with the family pet and resolving a question of “who Snoopy will go with” can cause enormous stress to the parties.

Interestingly, the Family Court can make Orders about “who gets snoopy”. However, if you are reading this please don’t take that as a licence to litigate about Snoopy. Issues about ownership of a pet, valuable or sentimental furniture items, jewellery, artwork etc often have emotional attachments to them rather than dollar value.

Those are the things that need to be settled amicably by negotiation or Mediation. If you end up fighting in the Court about Snoopy then it is a pretty sure bet that you will be fighting about everything else that’s happened in the relationship and that means that you won’t have moved on quickly with your life to better things.

Yes – Snoopy is important but it is better for Snoopy to stay with one of you and be loved rather than stay at Aunt Mary’s place and not see either of you.

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